August 13, 2010

ALC Children's Home - Update July 2010

Abundant Life Care Ministries (ALC), founded in 2001, grew out of the need to find help for the ever-increasing number of unwanted or improperly cared for children in India. ALC is comprised mainly of volunteers that assist in reaching, training, rescuing and the placement of unwanted or improperly cared for children throughout South India and Asia. Abundant Life Care Ministries participates in training workers to reach out to these poor children in the slum and villages of India. Additionally, a great deal of ALC’s efforts is directed at educating the public and the church at large about the needs of these poor neglected kids and the difficulties of living in below poverty situations. ALC's goal is to rescue these children from the effects of poverty and to educate their families, the church and the community people, causing the cycle to end.

Moses, Tim & Aaron Playing Guitar

Paul Playing the Keyboard

Lee & Praveena would hear about children who were in very needy, tragic situations and needed a better place to stay. They wanted to help and prayed about starting a home for children. With the help of a local pastor in the village of Utnoor, they started a boy’s home in August 2004. They prayed for a way to help needy girls also, especially after the tsunami on December 26, 2004. In early 2007, a church in California joined with them to build a girls’ home. In July 2007, the pastor who had been caring for the boys received a promotion in a ministry that he had been serving with for a long time and needed to relocate. That August, the boys’ home moved from Utnoor to Hyderabad. The boys are currently in a temporary building at the same location as the girls’ home. The boys and girls share meals, devotions and many other events - creating the ALC Children’s Home. The ultimate goal is to build a second story on the girls’ dorm with a separate entrance to provide better sleeping facilities for the boys.

Susanna Playing the Congo's

Jonanna Playing the Guitar

Leah Playing the Keyboard

Hosanna Playing the Keyboard


Thank You, for all your love, prayers & support!

In Him,

Rev, Lee Ruud

Abundant Life Care