June 18, 2010

ALC Children's Home UPDATE: June 2010

Before Moses came to the Children’s Home: 2004

There is a need to rescue these children. God gave a vision, Start a Children’s Home. We want give them a chance, a care giver to take care of them, to love them, accept them. We started to provide their basic needs...food, water, clothes, shelter and a good education. There is a great need to raise enough monthly support and educational support for the girls & boys at the Home. Theses children come from very poor families! They used to eat only one single meal per day. They had no clothes to ware. After the death of their parents, they stayed at someone’s house, but had no hope to live! Now with your help, they are safely living at the ALC Children’s Home!

Pray for God’s provision to keep helping these kids...

After Moses came to the Children’s Home: 2010

Will You Get involved!

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Thank You,
Rev. Lee Ruud