June 07, 2010

Urgent Need! We request your prayer support!!!

Hello Friends of Abundant Life Care,

Please Pray: ALC Children Are Going Back To School... June 14, 2010

We are very happy to report that all (14) Fourteen Kids are growing in their Faith in God and in the knowledge of the Word of God.

Do keep all the kids at the ALC Home in your prayers!

We need people to come forward and sponsor their school education.

We are asking for help with a one time gift of $69 to cover their cost of Books, School fees, shoes, school bags, stationary and bus transportation, etc. for each child!

We have (8) Eight Boys & (6) Six Girls = 14 Kids!

Having 14 kids now in the home, but only one girl has a sponsor for her education.

The other 13 kids need sponsorship...

A one time gift of $69 covers the immediate cost to get each child back to school!

13 children X $69 = $897

A monthly commitment of $25 for 12 month = $300... helps each child stay in school for the entire year! 2010 - 2011..

School Re-opens June 14, 2010 - Can You help today?

Please pray for endurance for each child. Pray that Gods divine will for each child will be revealed to them. Pray for God's protection & grace to remain. Pray for open windows of Heaven and the pouring out His blessings, which we will not be able to even contain. Amen.

We request your prayer support!!!

We appreciate your prayers and your help, in what ever way you can!

ALC Girls say..."Thank You", for praying! & ALC Boys express their Gratitude!


Rev. Lee Ruud - Prayer Changes Things!!!

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