October 14, 2010

Sept 2010 Feeding

October 1, 2010

Dear Friends of Abundant Life Care,

Here is a great report from the Mission field!!!

ALC Feeding Center Report for the month of September 2010

Greetings to you in the precious name of our lord Jesus Christ….

I am very happy to share about the once a week Saturday ALC Feeding Center Program!

Fifty (50) children’s are attending faithfully & coming to this ministry time every Saturday…
They eat nutritious food…. For example: rice, vegetables, curry and an egg.

Also, they are learning Gods true story from the Bible, new songs and each week a memory verse!

The kids love to play games… like volley-ball, cricket & badminton.

Please pray for the ALC Feeding Center Children and their families.

Many of these kids do not know Jesus as their own personal savoir!

They all really need to receive Salvation!

Two Hundred & Twenty (220) children were fed in the month of September 2010.

Praise God!!!

Thanking you

Yours truly

Pastor Joshua & the ALC Team

PS, Please keep this in your prayers, as we desire to help more...

We recently constructed & built a new Feeding Area & Feeding Platform.

Now we want to provide a Roof for covering from hot sun in the summer time & also protection the kids during the Indian Monsoon rainy Season.

Finally, we have great hopes in building a Park & Recreation Area.

The poor children of India do not have any proper place to play.

They would love to have their own Play Ground!

We are praying for God to speak to His people and help us at ALC, India to be in a position to develop a Play Ground…with a Park… Lawn and Benches!

We do appreciate all who pray for Abundant Life care!

God Bless you all & we thank you in advance who give a gift toward this worthy cause!

Abundant Life Care, India

ALC Center Girls love to come and eat a good healthy meal!

ALC Center Boys as enjoy eating!

One of the items we serve @ the ALC feeding Center - Eggs...

ALC Kids Feeding Center Platform Feb 2010

Girls enjoying play on the new ALC Feeding Center Platform!

Workers Construction the Kids Feeding Center Platform Feb 2010

ALC Feeding Center Kids Enjoying their food! --- Yummy!!!

ALC Center Dance Competition Feb 2010 & Prayer Time!